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Andrew, from Flowphantom.com, need a cloneable project to showcase his Webflow e-commerce upsell service. For this project I was given free creative control to design and build a fake product that could be sold. The only requirements were that Andrew had to approve the idea, it had to be built with the "Client- first" naming system, and not infringe on any copyrights.


A fresh, fun, and pun-tatstic beauty! Seriously, who doesn't love a good pun? With a fun pastel color pallet, playful imagery and font, and custom-made product mockups... how can you not drool over the thought of biting into a crunchy, "yummy" treat? Turn around, cause your dog just drooled all over your floor!

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Mockup of screenshots from "Photosnap" project.
Dream's Landscaping website mockup by Cory Runnells.

Happy clients

Great - Cory delivered exactly what I asked for in a timely and professional manner.

Andrew Bass - Owner of Flow Phantom
Andrew - Owner, Flow Phantom

Our SaaS site was receiving MRR signups on the day we launched the new site, so couldn't be happier! Cory is a pro at Webflow and I'd work with him again.

Stuart Lansdale of Content Villain.
Stuart - Owner, Content Villain

Excellent! Cory listened to what I wanted and if I didn't care for something, he was on top of it and changed it.

Nancy Dobson of Divine Design Soaps
Nancy - Owner, Divine Design Soaps
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